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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

“Engaging, warm and intriguing – I read this in a couple of days. The perfect escapist lockdown read. No gore or graphic violence, in fact in many ways it is a gentle read, but it’s an intriguing and undpredictable crime mystery nonetheless.I enjoyed the different voices telling the story and the short chapters encouraged me to keep reading. All in a all, a very postive reading experiences – it makes you smile, it keeps you interested and it doesn’t leave you with any troubling thoughts to ponder on. Always great to read a book celebrating the intelligence, resourcefulness and determination of an older generation. Would recommend.”

” I listened to the audiobook and I loved it. I chuckled non-stop, recognising it’s very targeted at the middle classes. Some great observations with enjoyable characters, each of whom had a good back story. Quite Agatha Christie-esque in some ways. There was a thread of kindness throughout. An enjoyable, fun whodunnit.”

“I really enjoyed it. It was a gentle whodunnit. Short, punchy chapters made it easy to read. The retirement community setting was made to feel like a very upbeat place. It made me chuckle – a feel good book.”

“I loved it. Thought it was funny. Coopers Chase would be a great place to be when I’m older! Great to see older characters portrayed with different frailties but sharp in their minds, without being patronising. I really liked Osman’s writing style. A hopeful book which I would highly recommend.”

“This is a really warm book. I read it in two days. Great descriptions of the little behavioural tics and idiosyncrasies that come with age. I liked all the characters – even the murderer. Some lovely touches like the meetings being held in the Jigsaw Room and the group having to move for the Crochet Club. Didn’t feel contrived and it was intelligently written. The pitch of the different voices was good. I have already pre-ordered the next book. “

“‘Warm’ hits the nail on the head. There was joy in the relationships of the characters and great to see that the retirement community wasn’t a dead-end for them. There was a general optimism around old age, with things to look forward to – outings, days of intrigue and adventure. Plot was good – it left you guessing. Very well narrated as an audiobook.”

Range: 8.5 – 10

Overall score: 9

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