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The Night In Question, Susan Fletcher

Florrie, 87, has recently moved to Babbington Hall Retirement Home in Temple Beeches, her assisted living location of choice. She may no longer be young and sprightly, but she remains a force of nature, and is not one to ignore signs that something isn’t right. She has lived a life full of adventure and knows when to follow her instincts. When she witnesses a terrible accident she begins to question how it could have happened. And when she starts to suspect the truth is somewhat different from the official version of events, she is determined to uncover what really happened. Resourceful and adaptable, she enlists the help of another resident and they embark upon their own investigation. In the process she surfaces memories of her remarkable and colourful past – and one awful secret. 

“I loved this book for many reasons, but most of all I loved the main character, Florrie”

“I feel we can all learn so much from Florrie’s approach to life an ageing”

“A beautifully written book”

“The characters are vivid and believable, locations are described succinctly and yet are so easy to picture. No thread is left unwoven, no extraneous descriptions or paragraphs, just a gem of a book”

“It is a beautifully written story and refreshing to read a book from the perspective of an octogenarian…I think I read it with a smile on my face for most of it”

“The story hooks you from start to finish with the beautifully drawn characters that are a joy to spend time with. Definitely a page-turner, uplifting in its messages and one to be highly recommended.”

“Full of warmth, great characters and a plot that keeps you turning the page, it’s a celebration of old age and a generally engaging and uplifting read.”

“Susan Fletcher writes beautiful prose, but there was just so much of it that at times it was hard to find the story amongst the scenery”

Overall score: 8.4

Range: 6 – 9.5

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