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About us

Here at BookBubbles, we have always loved to read. During the pandemic though – our small, but virtually formed, BookBubble reading group became a much bigger part of our daily lives. The benefits of reading are well-documented, and in our case it helped in so many ways – it gave us a space for quiet time, away from the reports of cases, hospitalisations and rules and the unknown. It let us escape to other worlds and times. And, most importantly, it helped us to stay connected with each other. Today, with life pretty much back to normal we still love to meet and chew over plots (good and bad), argue about the characters, and delight in our differences of opinion. It’s all served as a really powerful reminder of how much richer our lives are for the books we read, the worlds they take us to, the ideas they explore and the emotional connections we make with storylines and characters. And that gave me the impetus to turn a lifelong love of reading into a business.

We know how busy life can get, and how difficult it can be to find the space to sit down with a book. For lots of us, our best opportunity to treat ourselves to the time to indulge in reading is on holiday, and we’ve found that there’s something rather special about reading a book that is set where you are holidaying. It just feels that little bit more personal and indulgent if you can immerse yourself in a storyline in a place that you can visualise. You really do feel that you have properly escaped.

And so, BookBubble curated collections took shape.  Books to take away with you that will add a certain extra something to your experience whilst you are there,  and perhaps even keep that holiday feeling when you return home. I hope you love our selection.

Wishing everyone many happy hours of reading!