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It matters to us that we play our part in minimising our impact on the environment. Our printed materials are from FSC sources and are printed on recycled and recyclable paper. We use recyclable, plastic free, biodegradable and sustainably sourced packaging for dispatching our books to you. We’ve gone for book wraps rather than a book box because they are more versatile, so less wasteful than boxes that we would need to hold in different sizes.

There shouldn’t be any need to dispose of anything inside the book wrap. We’ve designed our BookBubble bookcases so that everything can be reused. Our gift tags and postcards are the perfect size to double up as a bookmark, so please do keep hold of them and give them a long and useful life on your bookcase. Our gorgeous cotton gift bags are reusable and, although they should last a long time, they are also compostable when the time comes.

And of course, once you have read your book, you can spread the word and pass it on to someone else to read.