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The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

A simply-told, honest account of one couple’s journey to escape the overwhelming impact of  financial ruin and a devastating diagnosis. 

“Fluent writing style and a lovely weaving of their personal story with the physical journey.  I really empathised with them as a couple, and was willing them to succeed in their goal. Very honest account of their situation, relationship, naivety and their response to a situation most of us can barely imagine, without becoming sentimental or melodramatic. It made me reflect on how we as a country respond to the issue of homelessness.”

” I found it a very enjoyable read. I liked the real-life narrative and, although the content could be a bit repetitive, that seemed appropriates as it reflected the nature of the journey. It made me reflect on how we would cope it we lost everything, and how that might manifest itself in our relationship.”

“Found it disappointing – felt there was an opportunity for it to have been a magnificent book with a different structure. Touches on issues of homelessness, life-limiting illnesses and the  impact of both on family but they could have been so much more developed.”

“Felt it was right to just touch on the issue of homelessness and a devastating diagnosis as the story is about their journey and relationship and I felt they didn’t want to be defined by the things that had happened to them. I also didn’t feel like as though they were ready or able to confront those issues at that point”

“I enjoyed it. I wanted to keep reading and find out more. That coastline is very familiar and I would have liked a bit more about the places and geography. Very glad I read it.”

“Really enjoyed it and I have passed it on to other people. It gave me a broader perspective and it felt to me that the walk was a coping mechanism, as the issues were so overwhelming they couldn’t cope with them any other way. Yes, they may have been naive to get into that situation but we all make mistakes, and the uncontrived and honest account of their situation made it all the more engaging. I really cared about them and their journey.”

“I really enjoyed it I because I have walked so many sections of that path that I could picture it all. The personal story was moving too.”

“I really enjoyed the slow meandering around places that are familiar. I was reeled in by their story and was invested in their journey through adversity. It gave me a great insight into other people’s prejudices and attitudes about homelessness due to having lost rather than sold a home. I was rather taken with the descriptions of food throughout and just how little the body can survive on when things are tight.”

Overall score 7.6

Range 5 – 8.5

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