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The Arctic Fury by Greer McAllister

The Arctic. Historical fiction. 1853. Part courtroom drama – part adventure thriller. A dozen women are brought together in a bold and unconventional bid to achieve what others had failed to do. Their mission – to trek into the Arctic and find a lost expedition party. A year later one of them stands trial for murder.

A great premise of an all-female expedition to the Arctic, with its origin in real historical figures. The structure of the book, moving between the expedition and the later court case works well, giving room for different narrative voices and accounts without becoming confusing. Intrigue is added in that the women’s strengths and motivations for joining the expedition are also their flaws and over time, through different testimonies, the reader is moved to question those motivations and different versions of events. Also refreshing to see men presented as forces for good, as well as the more characteristic stereotypes of their time. Unexpected twists make for an unusual page-turner.

Overall score: 7.8

Range: 7 – 8

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