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The Scotland BookBubble Bookcase


From the remote, rugged and wild islands of the Hebrides, Orkneys and Shetlands, the spectacular scenery of the highlands to the capital city and its rivals, there is something for everyone. A country with a strong identity and proud traditions reflected in the choices from our Scotland BookBubble Bookcase : Historical fiction set in the Orkneys during WW2;  a crime is uncovered and island secrets revealed when a young woman inherits a ruin of a house and sets out to breathe new life into it; a gritty, bleak account of growing up in poverty in Glasgow; an unlikely cross-generational friendship; a gothic contemporary novel; relentless rain, a holiday park and the underlying tensions within the families staying there build a sense of unease and foreboding in a novel set over 24 hours; a reunion of friends turns into something more sinister when one of the group is murdered; nostalgic crime fiction set in Glasgow.

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