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Our top 3 BookBubble BookClub reads of 2023


Here they are, in reverse order – our top three BookBubble books of 2023…

Three very different books, including a debut novel, a fourth novel and a Women’s Prize for Fiction winning novel.

Three different genres…contemporary fiction, historical fiction and a modern retelling of a classic.

Stories that take us to Scotland, England, Italy and the USA.

Coincidentally all three by women. That wasn’t deliberate, we had books by men on each of the shortlists these books were picked from – they just weren’t what we chose. 

And no, we didn’t choose them for the blue and orange colour scheme – that’s another coincidence – but, that said, don’t they look fabulous together!

For synopsis and reviews check out the Review section of the website.

Love BookBubbles BookClub – not least for the variety of books we choose to share. Wonder what 2024 will have store for us?