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Here to Stay by Mark Edwards

Sitting comfortably at the bottom of the list of books we have read so far, it’s safe to say that this was not a favourite of ours.

“Pedestrian. Plot was ludicrous, contrived, telegraphed and overstated. Didn’t feel any dramatic tension – I just wanted it to end. The twist wasn’t shocking or surprising. Disappointing.”

“Far too far-fetched and unbelievable. Very formulaic as the storyline was very similar to the other book of his that I have read. Nothing really to redeem it other than I was happy when I was finished and put out of my misery.”

“Poorly written, dull, slow, mansplaining dross. Didn’t enjoy it at all.”

 “Depressing storyline. Very formulaic. Only thing I slightly enjoyed was that it was refreshing to read a book written in the first person. Other than that, no redeeming features.”

 “It wasn’t a favourite. Glad I got it for free. The plot was preposterous and the characters (all of them) were thoroughly unlikeable. It was a real slog and I skipped loads to get to the end. The whole premise was that the police couldn’t put 2 and 1 together which was just unbelievable.”

“Kept me engaged enough to want to know how it finished. I was interested to see how things concluded because although I felt he was a weak character (his decisions did not at all marry with his supposed intellect) I did feel sorry for him enough to see how it all panned out. However I didn’t feel it was a book I would be in a hurry to receommend. I absolutely love a thriller – they are my go-to books, and I really appreciate a plot with a twist but in this story I felt that the ‘twist’ was far too obvious and that I could see what was coming which was disappointing.”

Overall score 2.4

Range 1 – 5

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