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Geneva by Richard Armitage

Prize-winning scientist Sarah Collier is showing signs of early Alzheimer’s, a disease her father has also developed – but a controversial new biotechnology being unveiled at the large BioTech corporation, The Schiller Institute in Switzerland promises a cure. In Geneva, amid five-star luxury and swirling rumours, events turn violent. With her memory loss worsening, Sarah has to decide who to trust: the people around her – or, despite her symptoms, herself.

An intelligent thriller, set in the snowy landscape of Geneva and the fast-developing world of biomedical innovations. Balancing her symptoms with her ethical concerns, careful to protect her worldwide reputation in her field, yet beginning to doubt her own professional judgement, Sarah is thrust into the media circus around what is being claimed is a revolutionary, life-changing technology. Knowing who to trust when so many people have so much at stake is complicated. How does a potentially revolutionary treatment fit ethically with big business interests? 

Well-written with the location and weather all adding to tension. A timely, pacy, topical page-turner with unexpected twists. 

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