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Breath by Tim Winton

“This was not the book I was expecting when we chose it based on the blurb and the reviews.  If I was measuring it against the criteria we used for a good thriller, then there were certainly twists in the story that I didn’t expect and it did take me by surprise. The descriptions of the draw of surfing, the feel of the water, the sense of belonging and purpose, and the thrill of the risks are very well-written and convincing. I did not find it a comfortable read, but it definitely left me thinking about the characters, their behaviours and motivations and perhaps that is the point. “

“Really liked the writing style even though some of the content made me uncomfortable. Loved the first half, the fact it was set in Australia, and the childhood  descriptions but it then became quite uncomfortable reading, with the risk taking and living life on the edge combined with characters who were deeply unsatisfied, damaged and dislikable. I would read other books by this author for their descriptions of Australia.”

” I listened to the audiobook and the narration wasn’t brilliant. Loved the descriptions of the people, the sea, surfing – the way it was written was very good. I loved the writing style and the way it evoked a time when your view of the world was shaped very much by your parents, the people you hung out with and your immediate community.”

“I really enjoyed the first half. I found it unpredictable – I thought I knew where it was going and I clearly didn’t. Made me feel unsettled but I loved the fact that it surprised me. The second half made me uncomfortable and I didn’t really enjoy it. Having said that I liked his writing style and I loved the descriptions of being underwater – very evocative.”

“I found it intriguing and there were a lot of twists. The characters were not very endearing but I found it fascinating the way that they got their kicks out of danger and taking risks. It was much better than I thought it would be.”

” I thought it was too long and would have made a brilliant short story. The descriptions were very evocative – you could really imagine the two boys, the loneliness and you could smell the sea, feel the sand etc. I thought the plot developments involving Eva were unnecessary – the surfing risks were enough of a story. I didn’t love it but some bits were beautifully written.”

Overall: 6.5

Range: 6 – 7

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