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A Tidy Ending and other books by Joanna Cannon


I’m a big fan of Joanna Cannon and you may remember that this was on my Christmas Wishlist. I finally picked it up this week and what a joy it was. Like all her books, compellingly readable with quirky characters that have hidden depths. She is brilliant at the minutiae of everyday life, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, observing human behaviours, what we see and what we choose not to see. Original and entertaining. Started it Tuesday night – had to stay up late last night to finish it! And, if you haven’t read any of her other books I highly recommend those too. The Trouble with Goats and Sheep was much enjoyed by us as a BookClub back during the pandemic, Breaking and Mending is her memoir of her time as a Junior Doctor and Three Things You Should Know About Elsie is another lovely story observing the human condition. All of her books have a warmth and depth to them. Have you read any of these and which is your favourite?