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The Brighton BookBubble Bookcase


Brighton – a vibrant blend of Regency architecture, art and culture, entertainment, fine food, independent boutiques, fabulous beaches, stunning coastal views and the beautiful South Downs countryside. Our Brighton bookcase includes novels set between the 1950s and the present day. A nostalgic 1950s murder investigation set in the world of music halls and magicians; a 1950s story of forbidden love and impossible choices for three characters whose lives are forever intertwined; a film set, towards the end of the swinging sixties frames the stories of a producer, a novelist and an actress as their private lives start to surface and fracture their carefully managed public persona; sea-swimming provides an opportunity for an otherwise unlikely group of women to bond, form friendships and rediscover themselves during the pandemic; a letter received in Brighton poses a huge moral dilemma. What’s your choice?

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